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Behind The Brand: NAI by Ny

Niesha, Founder/CEO
Hi I’m Niesha, the heart and soul behind NAI.
Rooted from my love and sentiment for home fragrance, I created a candle in my small apartment kitchen back in 2020. Not realizing the positive impact during a difficult season of life, the passion evolved, and I began curating candles in my spare time after my 9-5. Fast forward a few months, I decided to take a leap of faith and turn this into something more… From then, NAI has evolved naturally out of desire to create a brand that emphasizes the importance of self-care in connection with self-love – to encourage inner peace, balance, and happiness within yourself and throughout your home. 
NAI blends all my favorite things into one: home fragrance, décor, and my love for designing. As a one-woman show – from hand curating every product, labeling, creating content for socials + marketing, emails, packaging your orders, every minute of hard work is worth the feeling of knowing a little piece of me is in your sacred space. I've spent countless hours doing research on the science of creation for each product, sourcing materials, marketing, designing, and testing scents in our studio. Every product is designed with the everyday person in mind that seeks an aesthetically pleasing, all natural and an astounding smelling fragrance. 
Your home is a reflection of you and we believe that self care is a lifestyle. We all deserve an atmosphere that stimulates you to take moments for yourself to reconnect. Our hope is that our fragrances and products bring you nostalgia, peace of mind and remind you to take those moments for yourself.
xx Ny

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